Slackline Pulley System Calculater

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You can calculate Theoretical mechanical advantage[TMA] of pulley system.

  • Ideal Mechanical Advantage (IMA)—Calculate the efficiency of all pulleys at 100%
  • Theoretical Mechanical Advantage (TMA)—Calculated with pulleys including friction loss
  • Actual Mechanical Advantage (AMA)—Data actually measured by measuring machines

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Brake &pullyes efficiency reference data

Brake & pullyes efficiency reference data
Brake fficiency reference dataPulley Efficiency reference data


The brake is first pulley of the multiplier part.

Base: 600-5(100-95)-4(100-95)-3(100-95)-2(100-95)-(100-92)=522

Multiplier : 500-4(100-90)-3(100-85)-2(100-90)-(100-92MPD)=387


total MA 20.20:1

■5:1redirect  (2+3):1
all multiplier pulleys 90%
break 50%



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