Brake & pullyes efficiency reference data

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Brake fficiency reference data

Petzl Pro Traxionself Jamming90‐92Slack Science
Petzl Pro Traxionself Jamming95official data
Petzl Pro Traxion
old model
83 at 0.4kNropetech
Petzl micro Traxionself Jamming91official data
Petzl micro Traxionself Jamming87 at 1kNRopelab
Petzl Mini Traxionself Jamming74 at 1kNRopelab
Petzl Mini Traxion69 at
Petzl IDDescender20-40
Petzl IDDescender37Ropelab
Petzl RIGDescender27 at
Petzl GriGriBelay Device30-50Slack Science
Petzl GriGri1Belay Device44 at 1kNRopelab
Petzl GriGri142 at 0.4kN
Petzl GriGri2Belay Device45 at 1kNRopelab
EdyBelay Device30-50
CMC MPDMulti-Purpose

Pulley Efficiency reference data

SMC 3″ Doublebearing94~96Slack Science
Pwtzl Partnerbearing91official data
Petzl TWINbearing97official data
Petzl RollclipCarabiner pulley
85official data
Petzl rescue P50bearing95official data
Petzl rescue P5089 at 1kNRopelab
Petzl rescue P5090 at
Petzl mini P59bearing91official data
Petzl mini P5986 at 1kNRopelab
Petzl mini P5981 at
Petzl  MINDERbearing97official data
Petzl fixbushing71official data
Petzl fixbushing75 at
Oval CarabinerCarabiner42-56Slack Science
Petzl orange plasticCarabiner + sheave80Ropelab
DMM revolverCarabiner +52 at
bearing96official data
Climbing Technology ORBITER Sbearing96official data
Climbing Technology ORBITER Mbushing80official data
CAMP single bussing 2 3/8”bushing86-88Slack Science
CAMP doubles are 2 3/8”bearing92Slack Science
CAMP JANUS PRObearing97official data
CAMP JANUS bushing90official data
CAMP DRYADbushing80official data
CAMP DRYAD PRObearing92official data
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