Quick Slackline Tension Calculator for smartphone

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Slackline Tension Calculator

Calculate the tension of the slackline from the length/sag/weight.

Calculate Exact(direction) force.
Longline & rodeoline & sagline are also practical.

The weight of the line & backup rope include for super long highline.




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Method of calculation

EXACT line tension

$$T=\frac{B+\frac{E}{2}\sqrt{S^2 + (\frac{H}{2})^2}}

T :Tension (exact)
B :Body Weight
E :Line Weight (total)
H :Horizontal length
S :Sag


Horizontal line tension


T :Tension (Horizontal)
B:Body Weight
E :Line Weight (total)
H :Horizontal length
S :Sag


Exact line length

$$L = 2\sqrt{(\frac{H}{2})^2+S^2}$$

L :Exact line length
H :Horizontal length
S :Sag

Angle of anchor point

$$A = \tan{^{-1}} \frac{S}{\frac{H}{2}}$$

A :Angle of anchor
H :Horizontal length
S :Sag

Angle of middle point

$$M = (90- A)×2$$

M:Angle of middle point
A:Angle of anchor

Special thanks

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