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Slackline Scholarship Video Challenge

そんなご時世の中、ギボンUSAとアディダスが共同でSlackline Scholarship Challengeという企画を始めした。略してSSC。Scholarshipという名前が付いているので、学生向けようです。キングオブスラックラインのようなオンラインコンテストとは違い、スラックラインを広くアメリカの学校教育の現場などで広める趣旨の企画。継続的な企画なので毎月20日に締めきって商品が送られるそうです。そして、来年の6月には大会予定とのこと。



  • ラインは1インチか2インチ(多分メーカーは問わない)
  • 動画は30秒に限る
  • ライニング中は編集なし (30秒に意味を持たせるため)
  • 名前と学校の名前 (たぶん、アメリカ限定)
  • フェイスブックのSlackline Scholarship Challengeというグループに投稿する

sponsored by ADIDAS!の文字になんだかスラックラインが一気にメジャーになりそうな予感もします。動画のアディダスの靴がスラックライン専用に開発されたかどうかは不明ですけど、それらしいモデルがきっと今後出るはずです。またまた靴選びが楽しくなりそうです。

Gibbon Slacklines is very happy to announce the very first Slackline Scholarship Challenge (SSC) sponsored by ADIDAS! The program is set to kick off in January 2012 and will begin with Gibbon Athletes visiting high school’s and college’s in the state of Colorado in hopes of finding the next generation of slackliner’s. The tour will include slackline workshops, hands on experience, presentations, and an opportunity to meet the Pro’s. Colorado will be divided into 5 regions and in Spring 2012 there will be 5 Regional Competitions for you to compete in! The Top 3 competitors from each regional competition will then get the opportunity to compete in the SSC State Finals in Boulder, CO in June, 2012. The prize for winning the SSC State competition is a Scholarship sponsored by Gibbon Slacklines and ADIDAS. We are also hosting a monthly online Video Competition! By the 20th of each month, submit a 30 second UN-EDITED clip of your skills on a slackline for a chance to win a Gibbon Jibline and your choice between a book titled “Modern Slacklining” written by Gibbon Athlete Hayley Ashburn or a “Slackline 101” DVD.

This group is for High School and College Students in the USA ONLY looking to be involved in the Slackline Scholarship Challenge. Here you can find tour dates, competition information, where to find other slackliners, and athlete videos. Feel free to post your videos, questions, or comments here. The group is a place for communication and networking and is meant to be a positive and community oriented group; therefore, negative energy will not be tolerated. We look forward to seeing you on there!

If you are a part of a High School or College that you would like us to visit, please let us know by contacting OR The tour is on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to schedule your school soon so you will not be missed!

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